Actually Useful Shopify Apps

I criticize apps a lot in my videos because in many cases they aren't needed, and with a bit of coding knowledge you can go without.

That being said, there are some apps that are not easily replaced, and that I constantly use when working on my clients stores.

Review Apps


Just the one I've used most for whatever reason. I'm happy with it.

Shopify Product Reviews

Really basic but sometimes that's all you need.

Email Marketing

Shopify Email

When you don't need any advanced features.


The only one that works flawlessly with Shopify.

Page Builders

Sometimes a client needs to set up lots of custom pages and they need control over those pages themselves, without my help and without editing code.


The leading app for creating custom landing pages in Shopify. Easy drag-and-drop interface. It's the most expensive app though.


I've used Pagefly a lot more than Shogun. It's almost the same as Shogun, slightly cheaper.

Automation & Bulk Actions for Big Stores

When you need to edit hundreds of products.

Bulk Edit Tags + Power Tools Suite

Tags products based on rules you set using other product info. e.g. combination of tags, variant names, title, type etc...


Import and Export CSV but only the fields you actually need. Way better than the Shopify default.


This app is powerful. Scripts to automate back-end tasks without Shopify Plus.

Referral / Affiliate / Reward Programs

Get influencers to market your store to their followers. Rewards can be payments or discounts.


Has a marketplace that helps influencers and brands connect.


Solid, tried and tested referral app.

Referral Candy

More for discounts and "recommend to a friend" type of rewards.

Image Optimization

Compression and SEO


Not a Shopify app, just a great website for compressing images

Crush Pics

Shopify app that compresses images, adds alt text, and renames image files automatically in bulk.

Subscription Products

Get customers paying for a product weekly / monthly / quarterly.


Yep, this is the only one that I recommend.

Finding Developers

Sometimes you just need to hire someone.


The leading company for small Shopify development tasks. They match you with a developer and you can get it done in less than a day.


This is what I use when I need help e.g. design work


Only for small, straightforward and repeatable tasks e.g. cutting out image backgrounds in photoshop


This is a whole topic - see my favourite themes.

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