Best Shopify Themes

On this page you will find only the themes that I have used and recommend to my clients and subscribers.

Note: Only buy Shopify 2.0 themes!

In 2022, you should only buy themes that are on the new Shopify 2.0 structure. This is to keep your store future-proof. All themes and Shopify apps will be moving to Shopify 2.0 sooner or later.

DO NOT buy an outdated Shopify 1.0 theme. 

Flagship Themes

These themes are more expensive than usual. But they come with a lot more features and are more customizable than normal themes. 

You can get a 10% discount on these themes when you buy direct from Out of the Sandbox by using my discount code - 'FAST10'.


Turbo is one of the most popular themes for Shopify, despite not being on the official theme store.

  • Optimized for speed.
  • One of the first flagship themes - it's been battle-tested on hundreds of stores now and has evolved as a result.
  • Great for large inventories


It's in the name - probably the most flexible and customizable theme. 


Great for large stores with huge inventories.  

Official Shopify Store Themes


Best for a simple and friendly store that doesn't have lots of products. 


Great for fashion and giving lots of extra information. 


One of my favourite themes to use as a starting point for further development. Very easy for developers to work with. High quality theme.


Great for fashion. 


It's free! Has lots of people using it and I've made many tutorials for it

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