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Welcome to Ed's code shop - the IKEA of Shopify! 

Easy to install, pre-built sections & blocks for your Shopify store. 

For 20x cheaper than hiring a developer, get a code snippet that you install yourself - just copy & paste into your theme.  

What's included: Code + PDF guide + Video instructions. 

  • Simple Installation

    Easy copy & paste for almost any theme (check each add-on for compatibility info) with detailed PDF and video showing you how to do it.

  • Stylish & Flexible

    Lots of design settings and options via the standard theme customizer. Add-ons can fit in perfectly with your store design.

  • Lightweight

    Add-ons will not slow down your store (unlike apps). And the feel of using them will be fast & snappy.

Why it's better than using apps:

1. No monthly fees - buy it once and own it for life. 

2. Built into your theme editor. Edit everything in one place using the native Shopify interface. 

3. It's lightweight. Shopify apps will slow down your store. Built-in native Shopify code does not. 

4. Seamless. Apps sometimes stand out like a sore thumb. A built-in solution will look better, be less buggy, and feel faster. 

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