Hey! My name is Eduard Fastovski.

I'm a freelance developer specializing in Shopify, and more recently, a Youtuber and blogger. 

What I do:

I'm slowly changing careers from a freelancer to a creator and teacher.

I know I can provide more value by teaching and sharing educational material than just by being a coder working for a few clients. 

Here's what I'm working on now:

Youtube videos 

Tutorials for coding specific features, as well general Shopify concepts.

I try to keep tutorials as simple and direct as possible, without going into a lot of theory.

My videos are mainly for store owners (or others that manage a store like marketers, designers, etc...) but might also be interesting to developers coming from another platform and learning Shopify. 

Courses - coming soon

I have several short courses planned for store owners that want to learn more about Shopify and especially about coding small features for Shopify. 

We will start with the basics of HTML and CSS, and then move onto Liquid and coding features.

Shopify "add-ons" - coming soon

Code snippets that can be used to add features to your store with a simple copy-paste or adding some files.

Want to hire me?

Since I began making Youtube videos, I've been getting a lot of working coming my way. Unfortunately - I cannot take on so many projects. There isn't enough time in the day. 

I'm looking for a good agency or developer to work with, meanwhile the best option for small tasks is probably Storetasker

In rare cases I might take on a quick project so don't hesitate to reach out. I will usually tell you one of these prices depending on the size or difficulty of your project. 

Get to know me:

I live in Poland now, but I grew up in Australia. 

My first job in web development was at an Australian digital agency called "The Working Party" - I was really lucky to work there because they were mainly focused on very high-end Shopify sites for big brands.

I was able to get a lot of experience in doing high-quality work, following best-practices - never doing a sloppy job.

After about 2.5 years there I wanted more freedom. I decided to try freelancing and move to Thailand to be a "digital nomad". I only stayed there for about 2 months, but shortly after I moved to Belarus - to live with my grandparents for a while - and finally to Poland where I settled down. 

The digital nomad life is fun but, like a plant, you need stability and roots in order to grow. 

I like it here because it's a developed European country with a strong tech industry but with a lower cost of living than western Europe. Also, my girlfriend is Polish so it was relatively easy for us to stay here. 

Outside of work, my main hobbies are gym & calisthenics, bouldering, and hiking in the mountains.