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Ed's Shopify Monthly | July '23

Written by Eduard Fastovski

Jul 31, 2023

Latest content from Ed

📽️ Video: How to use the Custom CSS field

If you’ve updated your theme in the past year you should see a custom CSS field at the bottom of each section. This allows you to edit the appearance of just that section.

You don’t need to edit your theme files anymore to make CSS changes on your store, which makes it a lot easier for store owners with just basic coding knowledge. It also makes it easier to update your theme, because you won’t have custom code in your theme files.

Watch the video

⚡Section: Pre-built Tabs section now on my Gumroad

Many people were interested in a tabbed content section without using an app, so I built one.

It’s very easy to install and can be used anywhere across your store. It can hold different types of content:

  • Product description
  • Rich text
  • Custom Liquid / HTML
  • Another page from your store (e.g. shipping or size chart)
  • App Blocks (e.g. reviews)

Buy it once and keep it for life with unlimited updates when I add new features.

Get it on Gumroad

⚡Snippet: “Agree to Terms” code snippet now on Gumroad

This code snippet creates a checkbox that your customer must click in order to buy the product.

If you often have customers asking for refunds because of a mistake with sizing or some other detail, this can be a way to make them double-check.

It’s easy to adjust the wording to your needs.

Get it on Gumroad

What’s new in Shopify

🤯 Shopify Editions Summer ‘23

A massive update from Shopify! There are so many awesome features:

  • Native product bundles
  • Native subscriptions
  • Contexts - adjust your theme for different markets
  • More CMS-like features
  • One-page checkout
  • Sidekick AI, flexible draggable blocks & more…

Watch my latest video to get up to speed and start using the new features on your store.

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