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Who? What?

My name is Eduard Fastovski.

You probably found me on Youtube, where I teach the tech side of starting and running a Shopify store. This website is an extension of my channel content.

Im a professional web developer, but my aim is to explain technical things in a simple way, and make Shopify easy for everyone.

If you're here for Shopify tips, start by browsing the free tutorials, and the resources page.

If you're a Discord user, you should join the Shopify DIY community.

If you're just here to stalk me, start by checking my about page.

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Shopify Coding for Store Owners

Most Shopify coding courses are for people that want to become professional developers, but this one is different. I teach practical coding skills for business owners, so you can:
  • Take full control of your store design
  • Stop needing apps for everything
  • Rely less on developers, or speak their language better
  • Improve shopping experience and conversion rate

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