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Who? What?

My name is Eduard Fastovski.

You probably found me on Youtube, where I teach the tech side of starting and running a Shopify store. This website is an extension of my channel content.

Im a professional web developer, but my aim is to explain technical things in a simple way, and make Shopify easy for everyone.

If you're here for Shopify tips, start by browsing the free tutorials, and the resources page.

You might also be interested in my membership.

If you're just here to stalk me, start by checking my about page.

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Shopify Coding for Store Owners

Most Shopify coding courses are for people that want to become professional developers, but this one is different. I teach practical coding skills for business owners, so you can:
  • Take full control of your store design
  • Stop needing apps for everything
  • Rely less on developers, or speak their language better
  • Improve shopping experience and conversion rate

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