Shopify Consulting & SEO with Ed

Shopify Consultations


1 hour consultation + follow-up email or screen recording.

For who: Store owners, designers, marketers and other freelancers, digital agencies without much Shopify experience.

Why: Save thousands by avoiding bad decisions when building your first store. Or if you are a freelancer - save time by learning the best approach to a Shopify project.

We can talk about launching your store, themes and apps, Shopify SEO, custom coding, hiring a developer, and any other questions you have.

Not for: Very specific coding questions or debugging. It's best to ask your developer.

How it works:

  1. Send me your questions. I do some preliminary research.
  2. We have a call and I answer what I can. We discuss the more detailed questions to be answered in a follow-up email.
  3. I send you a detailed follow-up email with summary and my final recommendations or strategy.

Interested? Please send me an email on with the following information:

  • Your store or website URL
  • How many years in business, how is the business doing? (if applicable)
  • Who is on your team e.g. co-founders, and are you working with a developer, designer or others?
  • What are your own skills & professional background? Would you call yourself tech-savvy?
  • What problems are you facing now? What would you like to discuss in our call? (list of questions if you have one)

Shopify SEO Strategy + ongoing guidance

If you want to start getting more organic traffic from Google, I can help you with that.

We will work together in 3 phases.

1. Research & Content Plan

First I will do SEO research using Search Console,, and other paid SEO tools, to produce an SEO Strategy you can follow for the next several months.

I can tell you:

  • What topics to focus on in your blog posts.
  • Words and phrases to use in product descriptions and collection descriptions.
  • What search terms your competitors are ranking for (and who your main search competitors are)
  • What your customers are searching and how you can better match that.

2. SEO Tune-up

Now we can actually fix up the site. If you’ve never done any SEO there will be a lot we can do. But if you have a very small site there won’t be as much.

This part is billed hourly to save you money.

  • I will clear up any SEO mistakes and missed opportunties.
  • Optimize internal linking
  • Rewriting content to add keywords.
  • Making sure headings, meta titles & descriptions, alt tags are all optimized.
  • Adding descriptions to collections.
  • Making sure product descriptions are long enough and optimized.
  • I will usually create more subcollections to match long-tail keywords
  • Adding JSON-LD Schema for rich snippets
  • Fixing broken links, 404 pages, other issues in Google Search Console
  • Install Reviews app (if you dont have one yet) and optimize for SEO rich snippets

3. Ongoing SEO guidance

This is suitable if you are ready and capable of writing 2-3 blog posts each month (or you have a writer). I do not offer blog writing services myself.

We will have short monthly catch ups to review which posts and products are doing well and what we can double-up on. I will also monitor Google Search Console for any issues.

It is at most 1-2 hours per month, billed hourly. I think monthly SEO retainers are a rip-off.

What I don’t do

  1. I’m happy to write small bits of copy where needed, but I will not take full responsibility over your website copywriting. You should be ready to write things yourself (I will give you bullet points sometimes). I will not write blog posts either.
  2. I don’t provide services for Google Ads, Instagram / Facebook ads or any social media management.

Should you hire me?

I don’t consider myself a “professional SEO”. I just have a lot of Shopify experience (as a developer & consultant), technical knowledge, and common sense.

I do however pay for professional SEO tools like ahrefs and I will be using them on your site.

I believe in the 80/20 rule AKA the Pareto principle. This is my approach to SEO. I don’t believe in over-optimizing as many SEO agencies do, to the point of making a site less user-friendly for real humans.

If you like my videos and you prefer a simple approach to SEO, then I think you will enjoy working with me.