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Hey, thanks for checking out my services!

Just a heads-up: I'm pretty booked out and mostly focused on making educational content right now. If you're just looking for a Shopify developer, I recommend Heycarson or Storetasker.

But, if you need something related to one of my videos, have a weird or unique Shopify problem, or just need some advice, I might be able to help.

I can help with:

  • Theme Customization
  • Technical SEO
  • Custom Sections & Blocks
  • Shopify Admin advice (Metafields, Metaobjects, etc.)
  • Automation & bulk changes via Shopify Flow, Make, Zapier or Python
  • Help with migrating from another platform.

I don't do App development, Shopify Functions, Checkout Extensibility, or Headless builds.


Projects start at $120 USD. Once we chat about what you want, I'll let you know the exact price. You can pay with a card or Paypal.

Ready to work together?

Please reach out to me at with the necessary details: