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Shopify Monthly | August '23

Written by Eduard Fastovski

Aug 31, 2023

Latest content from Ed

📽️ Video: Templates vs Metafields

A beginner-friendly video introducing Shopify Templates and Metafields, and when to use each.

This is a response to some stores using way too many Templates when it could be a Metafield, or the opposite - trying to use Metafields for everything when a template would be a more suitable solution.

📽️ Video: Shopify Metaobjects Tutorial

A complete guide to Metaobjects, how to set them up and display them in different parts of the site. There is no coding in this video.

Metaobjects can help you add more informational content on your site. It turns Shopify into more of a website builder or CMS (like Wordpress).

In the video I demonstrate adding a “services” content type to a Shopify site. And listing local resellers of products on each product page.

👨‍💻 Behind the scenes

If you’re interested in what I’m working on.

  1. I’m writing more for this newsletter. Now in addition to the monthly emails, there will be smaller tutorial-style emails approximately once or twice a week. All posts will be archived in
  2. I’m redesigning my website to make it easier for you guys to browse and find the tutorial you’re looking for by using filters and search. To add these features I’m migrating from Webflow to Astro.
  3. I started a Patreon. Since Youtube stopped paying me I need to find other ways of monetizing the channel. You can already go ahead and become a Patron if you want 🙏, but the member rewards aren’t 100% ready yet. I’m still thinking about which rewards I can offer, and I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Please check it out and let me know (reply to this email).

What’s new in Shopify

Built for Shopify” Apps

On the app store, look for the new “Built for Shopify“ badge under some apps.

It means the app has met certain standards set by Shopify regarding speed, reliablility, and ease-of-use. It’s an official sign from Shopify that it’s a top quality app.

Back in stock trigger for Shopify Flow

You can now use Shopify Flow to trigger an action when a variant is back in stock.

So for example you could send out an announcement email to customers. Or you could re-publish a product that was previously unpublished.

Check the changelog for more.

Educational content

📽️ Shopify Liquid in 2 minutes by Will Misback

Great intro to Liquid for complete beginners. Obviously it doesn’t teach you everything in 2 minutes but it summarizes how liquid works and the main features.

Dig deeper on your own with the Liquid cheat sheet.

📚 CSS Flexbox & Grid by Shruti Balasa

This is an ebook I keep on my desktop and refer to whenever I need to refresh my knowledge of Flexbox or CSS Grid.

If you want to be good at CSS this is one of the most important topics. You must understand how to position elements and create flexible layouts.

This is the best book that I’ve seen on the topic, full of very practical examples that you would see in real life.

(Just get the pure CSS version, there’s no Tailwind in Shopify)

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