Shopify Consultations with Ed

For who:

Store owners, designers, marketers and other freelancers, digital agencies without much Shopify experience.


Save thousands by avoiding bad decisions when building your first store. Or if you are a freelancer - save time by learning the best approach to a Shopify project.

We can talk about launching your store, themes and apps, platform migration, Shopify SEO, coding strategy i.e. "what to tell your developer", and any other questions you have.

Not for:

Very specific programming questions e.g. fixing bugs. Also not for any app development advice. I am not a back-end or app developer. Nor am I a business / sales / marketing consultant.

How it works:

  1. Send me your questions or concerns. I will do some preliminary research so that our call can be as productive as possible. I will also request access to your store admin.
  2. We have a call and I answer and teach you as much as I can. This can be a hands-on screen-sharing tutorial or a casual conversation, depending on your needs.
  3. I email you a detailed summary with my final recommendations or strategy. Including resources and next actionable steps.



Research + 1 hour call + follow-up email.


Please send me an email on with the following information:

  • Your store or website URL
  • How long are you in business, how is the business doing? (if applicable)
  • Who is on your team e.g. co-founders, and are you working with a developer, designer or others?
  • What are your own skills & professional background? Would you call yourself tech-savvy?
  • What would you like to discuss in our call? Please add a list of questions if you have one, or you can send me a screen recording using Loom or whatever you prefer.