Shopify Consultations with Ed

For whom:

Store owners with any level of experience. Whether it's your first store or you have been in business a while.

Freelancers new to Shopify. Designers, marketers, digital agencies without much Shopify experience.


  1. Save time and money. Avoid making bad decisions when building your store. Together we can work out a roadmap for your store build, carefully considering your budget and priorities.
  2. Learn to use Shopify effectively and be more independent. Or if you're a freelancer, learn the best approach to a Shopify project.

We can talk about:

  • Launching or updating your store.
  • Store organization using templates, metafields, metaobjects etc...
  • Themes and apps.
  • Shopify SEO - site structure, on-page seo, and technical.
  • Migrating from another platform.
  • Custom modifications and what to tell your developer.

Not for:

  • Very specific programming questions e.g. fixing a bug. Better to ask your developer.
  • App development advice. I am not a back-end or app developer.
  • Sales / marketing questions. I don't know about Facebook/Insta/TikTok ads etc...

How it works:

  1. Send me your questions or concerns. I will do some preliminary research so that our call can be as productive as possible. I will also request collaborator access to your store so I can see your current setup.
  2. We have a call and I answer your questions and teach you as much as I can. This can be a hands-on screen-sharing tutorial or a conversation, depending on your needs.
  3. I send you a detailed summary with my final recommendations or strategy. Including resources and next actionable steps.


$300 USD

Includes time spent on research + approx. 1 hour call + summary document.


Please send me an email on with the following information:

  • Your store or website URL
  • Anything you want to tell me about your business.
  • Who is on your team e.g. co-founders, and are you working with a developer, designer or others?
  • What are your own skills & professional background?
  • What would you like to discuss in our call? Please add a list of questions if you have one, or you can send me a screen recording using Loom or whatever you prefer.